10/14/2015  from Mark B.

"Easily the best açaí Bowls I've had at really good prices, I fell in love with this place immediately…The space itself is wonderful and has such good vibes- and let's be honest, when you're starting your day with something like an açaí bowl, aren't some good vibes kinda what you're already after?" 

9/10/2015  from Taryn M.

"I have been on a açaí bowl kick for the past month and this is the place that has won me over and is truly incomparable to anywhere else in Portland. The atmosphere is chill and people are interesting. They even have coconut water on tap that is like nothing else! You and your friends need this in your life!"


6/1/2015  from Sonja S.

"I have absolutely fallen for this place...There is SO MUCH LOVE put into these bowls.  I have never seen anything like it.  The care, art, and personality these employees put into their creations left me squealing every time…as if all of that wouldn't leave you all starry eyed, there is a DONATION BASED YOGA STUDIO attached to the cafe!  GAAAAH!  so, the last day of my visit, timing worked out for me to visit during Richard's Saturday morning class... and what a treat that was!  Really inspiring instruction."

9/14/2015  from Mark B.

"I frequently visit this lovely, calming spot in Northeast, and each time I do so I'm impressed by the friendly, helpful service. The owner is very happy and nice. Also, his dishes come in adorable little wooden bowls with wooden spoons and everything is so artfully arranged! It makes breakfast truly special."

9/3/2015  from Amy B.

"Seriously, these guys are onto something. These bowls are filling and refreshing all at the same time. The presentation is exceptional."

7/27/2015  from Cola V.

"Here's your safe haven to escape a crazy day of running around and take a minute to yourself.  Come here to nourish your body, listen to some calming music and soak in the good vibes from sweaty yogis wandering around.  These bowls were the bomb.  No joke...Highly recommend these fantastic bowls.  Go do something good for your body and nourish yourself with some yummy fruits and plants at Carioca. Now. Get the big bowl."