Our mission is to serve hand-crafted açaí bowls that energize your active lifestyle

Richard Matusow, CE-Om


In 2001 I moved to Rio de Janeiro to immerse myself in the healthy beach culture and to look for business opportunities that aligned with my desire to do good in the world.  My daily routine quickly began to revolve around the best açaí bowl shops in town.

The great taste, positive impact on the rainforest, and energizing effects of açaí inspired me to spend the next 10 years as an executive at Sambazon, helping to spread these little purple berries around the world.   At the same time, due to sports injuries, I started practicing yoga daily and greatly improved my flexibility, strength, and focus.

My yoga practice led me to spend extended periods of time training and teaching at ashrams and yoga centers in India and North America. Carioca Bowls and Full Lotus PDX is my way of synthesizing all of these professional and personal experiences and collaborating with my long time amigo Matthew to co-create a place that embraces all aspects of this vibrant, happy, holistic lifestyle.  

After spending 10 years at Sambazon, Richard started a boutique private equity and management consulting business that invests and advises companies in the natural products industry.  Richard has an MBA from Columbia University, MA from Johns Hopkins SAIS, and BA from Dartmouth College.  He has completed over 1,000 hours of yoga teacher training at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers, Babajis Kriya Yoga Ashram, and the Chakra Institute.  Richard is also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. 

Matthew Lau, COO


I first discovered açaí in 2002 when I met one of the founders of Sambazon at a coffee show in Portland. I was immediately blown away by the taste and the energy that it gave me. Due to my passion for açaí, I joined Sambazon as the head of Foodservice. My mantra in this role was “the bowl is the goal” and for 7 years I helped develop açaí programs for cafes and juice bars all  over the USA.

Traveling to Brazil and seeing how açaí is engrained in the active, healthy lifestyle  piqued my interest to create my own açaí café with unique offerings in an inspiring setting. Carioca Bowls is my way of accomplishing this goal by constantly innovating and raising the bar with açaí bowls and other superfoods.  It also gives me the opportunity to team up with my  long time buddy, Richard, to co-create a vibrant space and supportive community.

Matthew has a Bachelor of Science from James Madison University and did a stint with the Peace Corps in Bolivia.  He began his natural foods career at TAZO in 1995 and also was part of the start-up team for Kombucha Wonder Drink.  He owned a distribution company that mainly specialized selling Evolution juices but also distributed 10 other local, organic brands.  This all led to the job at Sambazon which folded into Carioca Bowls and Full Lotus PDX.  He has chickens, dogs, a cat, and a fish as well as a beautiful daughter and lovely wife. Family time is central to his happiness and he also enjoys coaching soccer, following the Timbers, hiking,  snowboarding, and golfing.