Yoga of Sound, Richard Matusow

Over the years, I have found Naada Yoga, the yoga of sound, to be a powerful way to expand beyond many of my perceived physical, emotional, and psychological limitations. Naada yoga is based on the premise that everything that exists in the cosmos, including human beings, consists of sound vibrations called naadas. Sound and space are directly correlated; therefore, the quality of sound impacts the degree of openness in the surrounding space. An easy experiment to confirm this premise is to listen to heavy metal music and notice how your body contracts; conversely, listen to sublime music like Mozart and notice how you feel more relaxed and open. Naada yoga, the science of sound, works with the whole spectrum of sounds to create vibrations and resonances that open pathways to obliterate blockages and provide healing benefits.

Yoga of Sound, Richard Matosow

When you boil it all down, everything in nature is constantly expanding and contracting.  Animals are born from the stillness of the womb, lead a life of expansion, and eventually go back to contraction in death. On the macro level, even planets expand and contract in and out of black holes.  Since vibration or sound is the substratum of everything, the expanding or contracting qualities of sounds impact how we think and feel from the inside out.  The goal of naada yoga is to create sounds that balance this dynamic and enable us to abide in our true, blissful nature.

Studying at the Chakra Institute with master Naada Yogi Shyamji Bhatnagar and practicing with instruments like the gong, tambura, and harmonium over the past decade, I have been amazed by both my experiences and those of my peers. The harmonizing vibrations of these refined instruments transcend the mind and open space (aakash) for deep states of stillness and relaxation.  This sets the stage to naturally overcome persistent thoughts and feelings that intellectually seem insurmontable.  Sometimes, since naada yoga provides shortcuts to such profound growth, I feel like I’m cheating. Then again, why take a side road if the autobahn is available?

richard matusow