classic açaí bowls

All açaí bowls are ORGANIC and blended super thick with Sambazon açaí and
filtered water (unless otherwise noted). They are all topped beautifully with granola, 
banana, and your choice of any two additional toppings.

$1o full bowl / $7 half bowl


Pure açaí blended with apple juice and a little banana, blueberry, and strawberry.


The original açaí bowl as served on the beaches of Rio. Original açaí blended with a little banana, blueberry, strawberry, and filtered water.


Original açaí blended with raw coconut water, mango, and pineapple.

Yogi (full only)

Balanced approach with one scoop from any two blends.

Bomba ($39)

From any three blends, pick 9 scoops and 9 toppings. 
Great for sharing.

Add Ons

$2 Honey Mama’s raw cacao
$2 Asana gluten-free
$2 JEM Nut Butters (Cashew Cardamom, Superberry Maqui Camu, Hazelnut Raw Cacao, Cinnamon Red Maca) 
$1.50 Nut butters (Almond and Cashew)
$1 goji berries, hemp/flax seed, bee pollen, coconut oil, dragonfruit, almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios


Toppings $1 (two come with each bowl)

Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, dark cherry, apple, kiwi, cranberry, dried tart cherry, dried cranberry, figs, dates, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, agave, honey, peanut butter, raw or toasted coconut.

Some seasonality will exist and some fruits are frozen and thawed out when quality organic produce is not available. 

We strive to provide the healthiest organic foods and beverages using lots of raw ingredients and sourcing locally as much as possible.


Carioca Bowls accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, hugs and kisses.