Community Notice on Price Changes

On July 1st, 2018 the minimum wage for labor in the Portland Area increases to $12/hour.  We support this increase and honor the dedication & diligence of all our co-workers.  Working in the foodservice industry requires multiple consecutive hours on your feet with intensive focus on details.  Earning a living wage for this kind of work is more than fair and we feel fortunate to be able to increase our financial support for our hardworking co-workers.

On the business side, since opening in June 2015, minimum wage in the Portland Area has increased from $10.25/hour to $12/hour.  This is a 22% on the most important and highest expense associated with successfully running our business. In order to both maintain the integrity of our business model and offset a portion of this increase, starting Thursday June 14th we are instituting a price increase on several of our menu items.  This means that all acai bowls will be an additional dollar and other items will also increase by a dollar or less. Please see our updated menus in the café for more details on all the changes.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and support in this transition.  We look forward to sharing this appreciation and kicking off the summer with you at our 3rd year anniversary celebration on Saturday June 30th.  If your schedule allows, come early for free yoga at 8am followed by free Carioca Bowls for both all yoga participants & the first 50 people to arrive at or before 9am. The festivities for the rest of the day include live reggae music, capoeira, a samba dance class, & a jazz sextet to close things from 4-7pm.  All food and beverages will be discounted for the whole day during this celebration. 

With Gratitude, Richard & Matthew