Kombucha: $5.00

Rotating varieties from different brands. Ask for our current selection.

Pepper Brews:

$2 Shot / $4 (8oz) / $7 (16oz)
Uber Herbal’s spicy lemon and limeades. Habanero Honey Brew (habanero peppers, ginger, lemon, honey) or Thai Dragon Tonic (Thai peppers, kiwi, lime, agave).

Runa Guayusa:

$3 Iced / $2.50 Hot

Yerba Mate:

$4 Sparkling or Iced / $5 Gourd / $3 Hot tea
Guayaki organic/fair trade yerba mate varieties sold by the gourd (in house only) or rotating varieties of sparkling tea.



Coconut Water:

$3 (8oz) / $5.50 (16oz) Watch for daily specials!

Green /Black /Herbal Teas:

$2.50 Hot Tea /$3 Iced Tea
Full line of Smith Teamaker hot teas and rotating varieties of iced tea.

Stumptown Coffee:

$2.50 Organic Drip (1 free refill) / $3 Personal Single Source French Press/ $4 Cold Brew

Chai (hot or iced): $3

The only Heartsong Chai available in Portland

Lemonade: $3

Seasonal flavors

Smoothies: $6.50

Pick any of our açaí blends. For an additional charge add some nut butter, hemp seeds, or any other of our great toppings and add-on’s to enhance your smoothie!


We strive to provide the healthiest organic foods and beverages using lots of raw ingredients and sourcing locally as much as possible.


Carioca Bowls accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, hugs and kisses.